Meet Danielle

We were thrilled to meet Danielle Baron at one of our networking events in 2022 and were super impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others.

Danielle is dedicated in the field of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) with a specialisation in neurodiversity and well-being. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Danielle plays a crucial role in promoting inclusive environments within corporate settings.

Her business is called DIVEINC 

As an advocate for neurodiversity, she recognises and values the unique strengths and perspectives that individuals with diverse neurological conditions bring to the table. Through her work, Danielle strives to create workplaces where individuals of all cognitive abilities are empowered, understood, and celebrated.

Her passion for fostering inclusive cultures and her expertise in neurodiversity make her an invaluable asset in driving positive change and advancing DEI initiatives across organisations.

“Creating an inclusive and respectful environment requires persistence and collaboration from all members of the community or workspace.” says Danielle, who was recently interviewed by Entrepreneur Middle East.

The recent interview of Danielle by Entrepreneur Middle East can be read here 

Danielle is multi talented as not only an educator, mentor and therapist but also as a coach. W highly recommend you contact Danielle to run through your company’s DEI strategies by emailing her on

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