During these challenging times, very few businesses have been unaffected by the pandemic.

More than 70% of start-ups have had to terminate contracts of full time employees and as sources of finance dry up, some ventures have struggled with cash flow troubles.

Yet, while a large number of start-ups have suffered, there has also been an increase in entrepreneurial activity, pivoting to meet the new needs for goods and services.

The Luxe Club events had to be cancelled during the first and now second lockdown in the UK. However, we saw a surge in online meetings, classes and events via Zoom and challenged us to research what our network would benefit from our skills and expertise.

We were thrilled to launch a MASTERCLASS SERIES with experts in fashion and beauty, focusing on finding your signature style.

Why is it important to focus on this?

Well FIRST IMPRESSIONS are formed of you within 7 seconds and around 11 judgements are made of you from your background, wealth, education and more.

With more of us working from home, you are more VISIBLE via online Teams or Zoom meetings so our Masterclass in Style, recorded in collaboration with Jasmin Nissa Shaw, an international fashion stylist, has come out at the perfect time. A three part Masterclass of approximately 45 mins is full of tips and tricks to be the best version of you. Also included is a Style Guide, a permanent guide emailed to you for ongoing reference.

The Masterclass releases on 17 November! Sign up via the link below to receive yours.