ASH FAMILY LAW is a legal consultancy service providing professional, strategic and bespoke advice to individuals on relationship breakdown. 

Ash is recommended by name in the Legal 500 and she has built an excellent reputation for her personal touch, knowledge and expertise of family law.  She is dedicated to securing a positive outcome for all her clients and she preserves what is most important to people, that is children, assets, and peace of mind.  She has represented clients throughout the UK.

Luxe Listings

LANDMASS evolved from being a developer to a multi-disciplined real estate company.

By integrating architectural and interior design, project management and property acquisition services, its’ dedicated and passionate in-house team can provide a single point of contact for all your property needs.

Danielle, a dedicated professional in the field of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) with a specialisation in neurodiversity and well-being

Danielle is a dedicated professional in the field of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) with a specialisation in neurodiversity and well-being.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Danielle plays a crucial role in promoting inclusive environments within corporate settings. As an advocate for neurodiversity, she recognises and values the unique strengths and perspectives that individuals with diverse neurological conditions bring to the table.

Through her work, Danielle strives to create workplaces where individuals of all cognitive abilities are empowered, understood, and celebrated. Her passion for fostering inclusive cultures and her expertise in neurodiversity make her an invaluable asset in driving positive change and advancing DEI initiatives across organisations.


Life coaching by The Spartanite

Spartanite is a Luxury Spiritual Maison that serves the successfully ambitious in their pursuit of complete fulfillment through powerful transformations via our experiences.

We work from the inside out, we go deep and descend to clear your path so you’re able to achieve anything you desire. Dedicated to becoming the ultimate version of yourself, contact Spartanite for the transformation of your life.

Danielle Baron Tuition, Coaching and Therapy Services

Danielle Baron is at the forefront of the tuition sector, being a highly successful 7+ and 11+ entrance exam tutor (she also prepares for the 8+, 9+, and 10+ exams). Danielle has achieved great success in tutoring students for both independent and grammar schools, including renowned institutions such as Eton College, Hampton Boys’, The Lady Eleanor Holles School, St Paul’s, King’s College, Royal Grammar School, Westminster, Godolphin and Latymer, Tiffin, and many more.

Danielle is deeply passionate about assisting children with high-functioning ASD who may often be overlooked. She actively contributes to various charities, including The Caudwell Children’s Charity.

Furthermore, Danielle is a qualified children’s coach and therapist, specializing in building confidence, addressing anxiety, and tackling issues such as exam stress, friendship challenges, and eating disorders. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner, counsellor, and CBT specialist.

The Magnificent Abundance Manifestor

The Magnificent Abundance Manifestor was founded by Sabrina Antou, a shamanic healer whose expertise is to unlock that part of you that will propel you to your next level in life. 

Removing negativity, pain and suffering from your life and blocks to your manifestation is Sabrina’s super power. 

This is for you if you are feeling like your path is blocked, you want to attract the right investors for capital raising for your start up, you want a shortcut to prosperity, success and abundance in your business and personal life, or if you want to live a drama-free, blissful life.