It’s unprecedented times …

The pandemic hit the UK mid-March when our government decided lockdown was necessary.

Prior to this point, we had a great start to 2020 with a successful Bollywood party in Mayfair, a luxury fashion and jewellery pop-up in Knightsbridge and ladies networking lunches.

Lockdown forced us to cancel 8 events we had planned in March/April and refund all guests, which caused a huge impact on our cash flow.

So we watched the news daily for updates on this virus that was not only causing so many deaths across the globe, but was also causing deaths to many businesses large and small.

How did we survive lockdown? And continue hosting events in Mayfair and Knightsbridge now lockdown is easing and London is slowly opening up?

Increase in online Marketing

During lockdown we posted regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Linked in. Communicating with our followers, friends and connections online was important to us even though we had no events planned to invite them to.

We posted how we were spending our time, whether it was sharing a recipe we loved or exercise group that we joined.

Being visible during lockdown made it easier to communicate with our network once lockdown started easing early July and we had a few small events organised we wanted to share with everyone.

Our new events were met with support and encouragement, and we were the first event organisers to bring together small groups for ladies lunches, brunches and learn to play polo afternoons near Ascot.

Exploring outdoor sporting events

Early June, the UK government produced a 50 page document of businesses that were allowed to open and one of these was outdoor sporting events such a golf.

Although no spectators were allowed, you could learn a sport or play a sport as exercise was being encouraged, especially being outdoors.

We then looked into polo, specifically learning to play polo and found a farm just outside London to work with the create small group lessons.

This was incredible for our guests and had been a huge success. This Sunday is our third event (two spaces still available)

Learn to play polo

Introducing a membership fee

Prior to lockdown, our events could be booked online and guests had no commitment in terms of a yearly membership.

We still however called ourselves a “Club”.

During lockdown, we decided to introduce a small fee to keep our community private and exclusive, as our guests too were asking for this.

During lockdown, over 100 guests joined our club and over the past few weeks this has continued.

Our members support and encouragement has helped us tremendously and we continue to organise more stylish dinners, lunches and polo events for small groups to connect.

Join The Luxe Club.