For the past 12 years, founder of The Luxe Club, Salima Manji, has become a high profile networker in Mayfair.

Here she shares her top 3 tips to assist you in strengthening your network:

1. Attend high quality events

We receive so many invites to networking events on a daily basis. In my circle, there are a few professionals I know who attend any event in Mayfair without carefully considering if these events are beneficial.

Look at the organiser’s profile online. Who is commenting expressing their interest in attending the event. Where is the event? Is it a type of venue which would attract the professionals you want to meet?

2. Look professional

First impressions count. When you leave the office to attend an event, look in the mirror and check your appearance.

It should be professional. We always recommend wearing one accessory like a coloured tie or scarf or brooch or bag. Something that makes you stand out a little amongst a sea of dark suits!

It will get you noticed. And remembered. As long as it’s chic of course.

3. Quality business cards

Gold foil, premium card, embossed, luxury fonts…these are all important factors to consider when designing your business cards.

We often receive nice comments when we had our cards to those we want to connect with. It feels luxury and represents our luxury brand.

It’s often overlooked but subconsciously these little details plays a much more important role in enhancing your brand and differentiates you from your competitors.

Our next networking event is on Friday 13 March from 6pm at the beautiful Wellington Club in Mayfair.

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