The start of 2020 was incredible. We hosted a successful Bollywood party in Mayfair and we we’re excitedly planning the next one in April. Until lockdown in the UK started in March 2020.

All events we had planned over the upcoming months were cancelled.

Refunds were given to those who purchase tickets. Our cash flow was hugely affected. We were disappointed, scared for the world, and for the survival of a business we worked so hard for.

But through challenges facing all business globally, we looked at our business model and found ways to improve it which meant we stood a chance of surviving post lockdown.

The formation of a Private Member’s Club

Thriving after lockdown

Post lockdown we wanted to have a private community for our members to connect, network and socialise.

Previously our events were public and could be booked by all online. We set up a membership form, a small fee and an events page with logins to allow only our members to book.

We promised members and those keen to join our Club that we would be the first to organise dinners, lunches, drinks and more once lockdown was over.

And we kept that promise! Whilst most of our competitors are still lying low, or organising zoom events, we have been meeting in smaller groups for some incredible dinners in Mayfair (China Tang) afternoon tea at Fortnums and drinks in Knightsbridge.

Membership numbers are increasing and our members are telling their friends to join. The power of word of mouth!

Are you keen to grow your network? Join us at The Luxe Club!